About Us

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“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” - Charles Swindoll

Our Core Purpose

To be humble and passionate servant leaders, relentlessly developing leaders and their teams. We are passionate about the development of people, believing that human behavior creates your true competitive advantage. Therefore, we exist to relentlessly develop one person, one leadership team, and one company at a time, striving to be game-changers for others so that they become game-changers themselves, ultimately improving businesses, families, and communities.

What We Do

We challenge leaders and their teams to develop healthier behaviors and strategies, improving organizational health and increasing productivity.

How We Do It

We help leaders develop their purpose, their process, and their people by offering executive development and leadership coaching, executive leadership team coaching and dynamic thought-provoking presentations.

David Bell

Dan O’Brien is a natural leader who has a gift for developing people. He has the ability to support and encourage leaders in a way that brings out the best version of who they are.

Bell-DavidDavid Bell, MLB Manager - Cincinnati Reds